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About Art4TheHomeless
Imagine... a movement inspired by the arts to open the eyes of Americans to the plight of their own people. Imagine, through art, music and poetry, we are shining a much needed light on our own crisis: HOMELESSNESS

Art4TheHomeless was once a blog called Colors of Ink with Blogcharm, which closed down. Nutang, became the new home of Colors of Ink and was renamed Art4TheHomeless, by a really good friend, Samantha Medd. She is now the Co-Founder of Art4TH.

Now Art4TH is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization that unites artists of all venues to promote homeless awareness in the US.

Art4TH does this through the Art4TH Webzine, a monthly online magazine that features a musician whose music plays throughout the website, a feature artist, and a feature writer while also featuring a homeless relief organization. All artists featured retain their copyrights and all of it is free. If you would like to be a featured artist, musician, or writer contact me at johnnacrider@att.net

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Pieces of Sanity
Tuesday. 5.5.09 10:56 pm
Pieces of Sanity is a short ebook that is currently FREE and is in the new Art4TH Bookstore.

Here's a quick preview:

Mori woke up just before dawn and slowly got up and stretched. It was a rare moment of sanity when he realized that he stank. He had a change of clothes with him, but they too, stank. He would go to Centennial Olympic Park when they opened the restroom around ten. He tried to remember what happened for the past day or so and couldn�t recall anything. His mind was a grey fuzzy blank and he didn�t even notice the sunrise. Peach and green shot across the glowing skyline and Mori walked over to Task Force. What day was this? Monday? Friday? Sunday? What about the month? The weather was warm so it had to be April or May.

Mori shook his head and all else faded away as the moments of sanity passed. On the way to Task Force, Mori heard the drums. Cassandra was near. Mori smiled. He couldn�t wait to see her. She was the light in is dark world. Mori turned another corner and there she was, just before him. Her long silver hair flowed as if a river of light. She was wearing a red gown that was very revealing. Her lips were full and red, eyes a light shade of blue. Mori wanted her. She smiled and reached out to him.

�Come and dance with me,� Her fluid moves enticed Mori and he took her in his arms and they moved to the beat. One step here, one there. Her scent was of wild roses and magnolias. Cassandra�s skin was as soft as silk
�I�ve missed you, Mori,�
Mori was speechless. The drums were loud and the music pulsed with his blood. Her kiss was magical and Mori found himself blushing. Fortunately, he was black so his blush was concealed.

They danced and Mori performed the best moves that only he could make. He then noticed his attire. He was dressed in full military uniform and was handsome. He smiled as he and Cassandra twirled and whirled. When the music started to die, he bowed over Cassandra�s hand.

�Get outta the street you moron!�

Want it? Go GET it then :) click on the image below to be redirected to the bookstore.


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