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About Art4TheHomeless
Imagine... a movement inspired by the arts to open the eyes of Americans to the plight of their own people. Imagine, through art, music and poetry, we are shining a much needed light on our own crisis: HOMELESSNESS

Art4TheHomeless was once a blog called Colors of Ink with Blogcharm, which closed down. Nutang, became the new home of Colors of Ink and was renamed Art4TheHomeless, by a really good friend, Samantha Medd. She is now the Co-Founder of Art4TH.

Now Art4TH is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization that unites artists of all venues to promote homeless awareness in the US.

Art4TH does this through the Art4TH Webzine, a monthly online magazine that features a musician whose music plays throughout the website, a feature artist, and a feature writer while also featuring a homeless relief organization. All artists featured retain their copyrights and all of it is free. If you would like to be a featured artist, musician, or writer contact me at johnnacrider@att.net

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"I will not vote for Obama because he is black"
Monday. 10.13.08 4:37 pm
I have no respect for anyone who has uttered that statement. I was watching CNN and people were actually saying that they would not vote for Obama because he was black.

Nigger is a term derived from ignorant...and black people were labled this. I dare say that anyone who has utterd thate statement is a nigger and it doesn't mean they are black. It means they are dumb and ignorant.

If you are so worried about the color of someone's skin, then cut yourself. Hopefully your blood, along with everyone else's, will be red. If I am wrong, then you need to seek medical attention.

I hate it how our country is so racist, ignorant, and rude. Not everyone is like that, but the ones who are need a reality check.

If anyone is offended because I am white and used the N word, then you should be only if it was aimed at you. If it was aimed at you it is because you are not voting for Obama because of the color of his skin...stupid idiot.
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ikimashokie Chocovani Kirei Chloefoxx hmdaswani Gotzhotmoney middaymoon ShaShaBoo atlmuzikfanzinc

I'm never sure what to think of these people. There are some I believe honestly believe that he is a lesser person solely because of the color of his skin. These are also the people childish enough to rudely glare at my boyfriend and I as we carry on our day-to-day business.

Have you seen those "Nobama" stickers? Those make me wonder about the people who post them. Are they part of the vocal racists who who oppose Obama solely because he is black? Such sad people, there are much more important things to be concerned about.

Also, as far as using "nigger" as a white person... you're not using it in an offensive manner, anyone who is offended by your using it... they also are sad people. :(
» ikimashokie on 2008-10-13 06:27:23

I can't believe people are that ignorant. I'd maybe understand their ignorance back in the 1900s but in 2000 they are just so stupid. I think they should not judge the colour but WHO will run the country the best.
» cynnielee on 2008-10-13 06:31:21

Well I wasnt gonna vote before, but not because he is black, just because I dont believe in what he is saying...but I am gonna vote for him just because I dont want Mccain to be President, and also voting for the pplz that are not voting like my family members that are Residents and not Citizens yet.
» Chocovani on 2008-10-13 09:34:35

I about spit on my TV screen with anger watching that. Ignorance. Nothing more than pure ignorance. I hope she rots in hell.
» foolishgames on 2008-10-13 11:57:34

People are so pathetic these days. It really makes me feel like there is so hope for society sometimes.
» zachstabbedme on 2008-10-14 02:26:10

wow. stupid. indeed. can't judge people by its colour. judge by its brain.
» renaye on 2008-10-14 03:52:18

ignorance is not bliss, dont they know it? its definitely bout who's the best to run the country for the sake of ppl, not which colour can do them better!
» AlexisNg on 2008-10-14 10:56:02

I am actually more offended by those that vote for Obama just because he is BLACK. It's stupid.

People are racist, people will always be racist.
Political correctness ... BORING ....
» L-Lawliet on 2008-10-15 10:09:05

Wow.... You know, I am so sick and tired of how people take to Obama. Voting just because he's black, or not voting because of it. Ugh. But I agree with you 100%. That's why I am so sick of my own country, I'm sad to say.
» Kirei on 2008-10-15 10:53:00

Ugh, living in Alabama is very difficult for me during this election.

The ignorant and stupid hatred that's spewed from the mouths of people here...

Makes me want to leave the country entirely. I can't do that, so I guess I'll just have to vote. bBcause he should be our next president.
» Chloefoxx on 2008-10-16 05:19:14

hahahaha. I hope my blood is red.
» Zanzibar on 2008-10-16 09:54:50

I'm with Zanzibar.
I think I bleed Silver and Blue for the Cowboys
» Dilated on 2008-10-18 08:18:20

Honestly the most powerful nation in the world can appear the most immature and ignorant. I hope that the good, youth in the US will bring forward a new vision of equality amongst all races. In Australia, we have to deal with racism but in very small doses. Why does anyone have to "accept" racism in their community? I say vote Obama shut all their mouths :) All the best, and power to the youth (gen Ys) who is the loudest voice of all.
» von-nation on 2008-10-19 10:30:40

OMG, i hate it too.
My friend, he has this boy in his class, his name is Sam... & he is SO racist. I saw him wearing an Obama shirt being crossed out. He was all telling the teacher, "I don't want a black person to be running my country, MY country." I mean, WOW.. even emphasizing that makes it even worse. I am so glad I'm not a racist citizen like that guy Sam, I just want to strangle him for saying that.
» ShaShaBoo on 2008-10-20 10:14:44

It's sad that today racist still exist, but what gets to me is when people talk about Muslims at some of these political events. Why should they be shown so much hatred because of their religious beliefs? It makes me mad because I'm friends with people who are Muslims, and I just think some folks go too far when they talk about them and Obama.
» atlmuzikfanzinc on 2008-10-22 12:33:21

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